Spend more time on your core business and your customer, access to selected raw materials manufacturers through Sidere and build your secure and stable supply chain.

  • Custom Manufacturing

    Recognizing the distinctive nature of your requirements, we go the extra mile to offer full product customization. From specific product specifications and testing methodologies to packaging approaches and labeling, we adapt to your needs.

  • Sampling Services

    To facilitate confident decision-making, we offer sampling services. This ensures you have the opportunity to thoroughly evaluate our products before finalizing your purchase.

  • Advanced Application Laboratory

    Our fully-equipped application laboratory forms the bedrock of our product innovation. With a profound understanding of polymers and a skilled technical team, we excel at driving research and development for novel products.

  • Global Supply Chain Solutions

    Our strategically-located distribution centers span the globe from East to West. This allows us to support our clients in achieving significantly reduced inventory pressures and delivering shorter lead times.

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    Years of Experience

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    Countries and Regions

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