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Carboxymethyl Cellulose; Industrial Grade;

Life Science Applications
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Derived from cellulose, Industrial Grade Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) undergoes a specialized chemical modification to introduce water-soluble carboxymethyl groups. This meticulous alteration yields a multifunctional polymer with a broad spectrum of applications. Our industrial grade CMC is distinguished by its unparalleled purity and stability, achieved through a rigorously controlled process that fine-tunes crucial molecular parameters, notably the degree of substitution and molecular weight.

These specific parameters profoundly impact the defining traits of our CMC, such as its solubility, viscosity, and emulsifying potential. Such characteristics render our CMC highly adaptable across various sectors. In industries like construction and mining, it acts as an efficient thickener, stabilizer, and binder. In the textile and papermaking sectors, its binding, film-forming, and rheological properties are highly sought after. Given its enhanced stability and multifaceted functionalities, our Industrial Grade CMC emerges as a top-tier selection for a wide array of industrial uses.


Due to the extensive variety of CMC grades we offer, it's not feasible for us to display samples of every grade in our sample store. Each grade involves significant customization to cater to specific needs.

For inquiries or to discuss your specific requirements, please reach out to our sales support team at support@sideretech.com

For a comprehensive list of our readily available on-shelf grades, kindly refer to the Technical Data Sheets (TDS) available in the documentation section. We encourage our customers to review these documents for detailed information.

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Applications Functions

Binder: CMC acts as a binder in ceramic processes, helping in the dispersion of raw materials.

Plasticizer: It imparts plasticity to ceramic masses, making them easier to shape.

Rheology Modifier: CMC helps in controlling the viscosity of ceramic slurries, ensuring they have the right consistency for casting.


Strength Agent: CMC can enhance the dry and wet strength of paper.

Retention Aid: It helps in retaining and distributing fines, fillers, and fibers uniformly throughout the paper.

Surface Sizing Agent: CMC can be used on the surface of paper to provide a degree of surface strength, printability, and resistance to water.


Thickening Agent: In textile printing, CMC is used as a thickener in dye pastes to ensure even and sharp printing.

Sizing Agent: CMC helps in strengthening yarns during the weaving process, reducing breakages.

Finishing Agent: It imparts a soft finish to textiles, enhancing the feel and drape of the fabric.


Rheology Modifier: CMC controls the viscosity of coatings, ensuring a smooth and even application.

Film Former: It helps in forming a continuous film, improving the appearance and protective properties of the coating.

Stabilizer: CMC stabilizes emulsions and suspensions in coatings, preventing the settling of pigments and fillers.


Water-Retaining Agent: CMC helps in retaining water in cement and plaster solutions, ensuring proper curing and strength.

Thickener: It improves the workability and consistency of mortars, making them easier to apply.

Rheology Control: CMC prevents sedimentation of particles in mixed solutions, maintaining a uniform consistency.


Stabilizer & Thickener: CMC is used in drilling muds to maintain the right viscosity, ensuring efficient drilling.

Water Loss Prevention: It prevents the loss of water from the mud into surrounding rocks, crucial for borehole stability.

Lubrication: CMC helps in lubricating drills and facilitating the removal of drill cuttings.


Soil Suspension Agent: CMC prevents re-deposition of dirt onto fabrics during washing.

Thickener: It provides liquid detergents with the desired consistency.

Stabilizer: CMC ensures uniform distribution of detergent components, preventing separation or sedimentation.



TDS _ Paper Making Grade

TDS _ Ceramic Grade

TDS _ Textile & Coating Grade 

TDS _ Detergent Grade

TDS _ Mining Grade

TDS _ Coating Grade

TDS _ Drilling Grade

Safety Data Sheet

Carboxymethyl Cellulose; Industrial Grade;
  • Size: 250 G - CMC Industrial Grade

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