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Welan Gum

Industrial Applications
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Welan gum, a microbial polysaccharide derived from the bacterium Alcaligenes latus, is a high molecular weight biopolymer recognized for its unique rheological properties. Exhibiting shear-thinning behavior, it serves as an effective thickening and stabilizing agent across a multitude of industries. Its solutions demonstrate excellent stability, even under conditions of high salinity and temperature, making it a robust ingredient for applications in challenging environments.

The production of welan gum involves a fermentation process, resulting in a product with remarkable thermal stability, high viscosity, and good compatibility with salts and acids. Its versatility extends to various sectors, including food, petroleum, construction, and textile industries, where it is valued for its ability to enhance texture, consistency, and stability of products. In essence, welan gum is a scientifically intriguing and industrially valuable biopolymer with a broad spectrum of applications.


Product Code



Tech grade, 3rpm above 16


High temperature high pressure resistance, ultra-high viscosity


Specialized for oilfield cementing spacer application





Oil and Gas field

Acts as a critical spacer fluid component; 

Provides performance of viscosity enhancement and friction pressure reduction, stabilization for hydraulic fracturing, wellbore cleanup, cementing, and drilling;

Functions as a high-temperature resistant polymeric thickening agent in the secondary and tertiary oil recovery process.


In concrete or mortar compositions, it plays a critical use to reduce fluid loss, to increase the suspension properties. It significantly improves the fluidity of concrete mixtures, increases cohesion, reduces the tendency of bleeding and segregation, and has little effect on mechanical properties and durability of concrete.

In dry powder mortar, it replaces traditional thickening products such as cellulose ether, providing thickening and thixotropy performance, at low dosage.

Along with superplasticizer, it also acts as a liquefied viscosity agent.

Other Industrial Applications

Acts as a thickener, suspension agent, binder, emulsifier, stabilizer, and viscosity agent.

Welan Gum
  • Grade: GA2003
  • Size: 250 G

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